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OMG I remembered how to access my news XD
Lol, I figured maybe I should put some sort of update here, since the most recent one is years old at this point >_>;;

Lots happened in life. Dropped off the face of the TCG planet for awhile, but I've been back for a few months now. Started a new job in Florida, which is so much nicer in winter than Michigan, where I did grad school, and New York, where I grew up. Stuff is a bit hectic right now, obviously, but my fiance and I are getting through it. Figuring out how to both work from home in the same tiny apartment has been... interesting XD

Hope everyone else is safe and healthy and inside!
21 Apr 2020 by Hotaru
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Boredom is the key?
New layout because I'm super bored waiting for a package to be delivered. I gotta sign for it, or I wouldn't care, but I always hate how the delivery window is "8am-8pm" or something ridiculous like that. I've had to take the morning off of work, which is just annoying :P But, on the plus side, I had plenty of time to put up a new layout <3
25 Apr 2017 by Hotaru
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Happy Holidays!
Just popping in to say happy holidays to everyone! <3
22 Dec 2016 by Hotaru
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I go sleep bye now...
I am exhausted! I had a week long conference which was nice, and it was in Cali, so extra super nice, but still, work, and therefore exhausting. Then to Boston for 24 hours to see my sister, and now, finally, home to New York! Too bad it snowed the whole way back and it took us 10 hours instead of 7 XD

Anyway, sorry if I was kinda dead for the last week, I didn't really have time to get to any TCG stuff. I tried to answer trade requests, at least... I should be online pretty much until Xmas now! :D
21 Nov 2016 by Hotaru
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Another trip!
Busy few weeks for me. I'm headed out of town tomorrow morning for the weekend. One of my friends is getting married. So! Any trades, forms, etc. will have to wait until Monday. Thanks for being patient! After this, I should be staying in one place until November. :)
25 Aug 2016 by Hotaru
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